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Aerial Skill Demonstrations

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Over the years I have noticed that how an instructor demonstrates an aerial skill can either set students up for success, or not.  Demonstrating is an art unto itself. Think of it as a miniature performance – all eyes are on you for a short period of time, and they are taking in everything you […]

The Aerial Teacher’s Handbook

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I am so thrilled to announce the publication of my first book, The Aerial Teacher’s Handbook! It was quite the labor of love – after two years of writing and two different data losses, I finally made it to the finish line. I wrote this book to support aerial teachers in doing what we love […]

Aerial Teacher Training FAQs

Q: What is Born to Fly™ Productions? A: Rebekah Leach started writing manuals in 2008 and founded Born to Fly™ Productions in 2014 to create a quality aerial teacher training and certification program. Her books accompany each training course including aerial yoga, aerial fabric, aerial hoop, and rope. Julianna’s book, The Aerial Teacher’s Handbook, is […]