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January 29, 2018

Have you ever tried a one-arm hang? It’s a tough skill, even for those who are strong!

This skill used to baffle me.  I assumed it was a matter of hand strength, but having strong hands from aerial training and rock climbing didn’t seem to do the trick.  Then came a season when I had very little time to train on aerial equipment for myself---I started training on Pilates reformer to fill in the gaps.

When I took the video below, I hadn’t touched a rope in months.  I was teaching aerial classes 3 days a week on trapeze and lyra, but I was not training at my peak.  I did, however, add Pilates into my regimen 3 days per week.  One day, I was curious if the one-arm hang would be available:

I know, the right hand is significantly stronger than the left.  But besides this obvious imbalance, here are some other questions that came up for me:

1.  How is it possible to do a one-arm hang without ever training that skill?  The rule of specificity says that you have to train t...

July 12, 2017

I spent the 4th of July week teaching in Salt Lake City, my old stamping ground!  Back in 2008-10, I was the owner of an aerial studio (Revolve Aerial Dance), which is now known as Aerial Arts of Utah.  I was thrilled when they invited me back to teach a week-long adult intensive with Elizabeth Stich, my co-artistic director from back in the day.

We began the week by teaching 4 skills classes - silks, trapeze, rope, and lyra.  By day 3, we did “Wild Card Wednesday,” covering sling improvisation and trapeze beats.  Thursday and Friday were sequence review/creation days to prep for the final showing on Friday afternoon.

Even though it’s been years since Elizabeth and I taught together and our styles have evolved, it was amazing how similar our sequences were.  I noticed that several shapes in the fabric sequence Elizabeth taught were in the same order as the lyra sequence I taught.  We also found several parallels between the trapeze and lyra sequences, and pointed out “themes” t...

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